Office address:

5001 Beach Road #07-11, Golden Mile Complex Singapore 199588

Company Profile

Floreal Employment Agency Pte Ltd is a licensed employment agency by the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore since 1997. Throughout the years, we have established ourselves and have since recruited foreign workers for various industries such as construction, marine, service and manufacturing industries.

The profitability and success of a company depends to a high extend on the management and work qualities of its employees. Attitudes and skills of employees plays a important and direct impact on productivity and hence profitability and growth of the company. Being the intermediary between employers and employees, we aim to assist our customers to source for suitable and qualified workers to lower overhead cost and at the same time increasing productivity and profitability.

The management at Floreal believes in investing and training our staff in knowledge and experience so as to provide our customers and workers with the highest work efficiency and satisfaction. We take pride in our passion and commitment in providing the highest standard of service to our customers as well as providing rewarding job opportunities for workers.

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